BESI Public Consultation with TNRD Residents - Proposed Amendment to TNRD Waste Management Plan

Please use this site to learn more and contribute your comments <b>before March 15, 2011

Welcome to the Belkorp Environmental Services Inc (BESI) public consultation for residents of the TNRD.

In January 2010, BESI received an Environmental Certificate from the BC Environmental Assessment Office for an Extension to the Cache Creek landfill. The EAO rigorous review process examined the technical, economic and social aspects of the landfill Extension.

On November 5, 2010, BESI requested to have the Cache Creek Landfill (CCLF) Extension included as an authorized facility under section 3.6, table 3-2, of the TNRD 2008 Solid Waste Management Plan. This amendment would provide BESI with the authorization necessary to proceed with the development of the site.

The second phase of authorization for the CCLF Extension is to be dealt with by the TRND at a later date and will focus on other aspects of the landfill including tipping fees, levies, etc.

Why this website?
Amendment to the TNRD SWM Plan require consultation with residents of the district. This website provides a self-directed way for residents to learn and provide comments about the amendment and phase one of the authorization to proceed with the Extension. You'll find information about the facility, its environmental features, and how it offers a safe, affordable and flexible bridge to zero waste for the TRND. You will also finds links to the existing facility including operations track record and third party reports.

We welcome your comments on the proposed amendment before March 15, 2011.

Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to learn about the proposed amendment and to provide comments. If you don't find what you need on this site, or if you prefer to provide your comments in a different way, please contact us at or 604 415 4782 and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.